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ARE YOUR social media profiles gathering VIRTUAL DUST?

If so, scroll down to discover the secrets to enhancing your social media profiles and increase your credibility, employability and profitability!

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The Daily Content Factory is part of the Entrepreneur Toolbox. We provide entrepreneurs with useful tools to facilitate business growth.

the daily content factory

Our mission is to equip you with the most effective techniques for using Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and blogging to boost the influence and profitability of your business. Drawing on decades of industry and academic experience, we tailor our social media courses to deliver real, actionable goals that are guaranteed to take your brand to the next level.

STEP 1: pick your platform


Are you a professional looking to boost your brand image, profitability and credibility through LinkedIn?

Starting: August 2020


Would you like to learn how to convert your personal profile to a money-making business profile on Instagram?

Starting: September 2020


Are you ready to learn how to turn your blog into a money-making machine that also supports the business?

Starting: October 2020


YouTube isn't only about going viral, Let us show you how to make money from a small but loyal following!

Starting: December 2020

step 2: sign up

Whether you are just beginning your entrepreneurial journey or you are an industry veteran, our course packages are bustling with comprehensive and interactive eLearning modules to suit any level of enterprise. Both the Beginner and Advanced courses provide practical, hands-on experience and can be combined into a single package that is guaranteed to leave you feeling like a social media pro.









6hours Support Per Week

1 hour of training and support per day! - Except Mondays! We take Monday's off to focus on starting the week right!

Training Videos & Cheatsheets

You will receive a combination of Vides and CheatSheet to guide you on your content creation journey

Revive and update your account 

It's time to update profile pictures, bios, delete irrelevant content and create the perfect space to achieve your goals!

Content Calendar

We have put together a great set of content ideas to guide you on a day by day journey throughout the training program.

Edit & upload Videos

Learn the secrets behind great Social Media videos! From lighting, best apps to use, editing to publishing and promoting!

Brand Strategy

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! This is why we work with you to develop your own brand strategy incorporating elements from the content calendar and your personal and professional goals.

Understand the Algorithm

As much as we would like to be able to rely on our good looks and prayers, the internet is a different space. Here, we need to work with the algorithm. Things like when to post, how to post, what to post, or dictated by the algorithm.

Learn Social Selling

At the heart of social selling is the ability to know what to share, when and remembering the engagement is key! People want to buy from other people not robots. Let's put YOU back into your brand.

Build The Daily Habit

The digital environment is all about consistency and tust. People need to be able to trust that they will find you where they left you last and that you would be doing exactly what you promised that you would do

Attract Ideal Connections

Once you have your 100 loyal contacts, you will be able to achieve anything! Whether it's finding a new job, gaining new clients, or increasing the bottom line. It all starts with insuring you have the perfect connections in place

STEP 4: join the community

Whatsapp community

Daily activities and updates are managed through the PRIVATE WhatsApp group! So no annoying emails!

group training

Learn new skills, share ideas and ask questions to the community in 'Open Chat' sessions

Restricted 'chat'

Only Admins have access to chat features outside of 'Open Chat' timings. Get in touch with us directly in this time.

1-2-1 Support

Have a question? Send us a direct message via WhatsApp and get the support you need!

Our Members Are Global!

Join the community to discover the secrets to enhancing your Social Media profiles to increase your credibility, employability and profitability!

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The Web Creators Toolbox

Your own GLOBAL Community

our global community means that you will be able to connect with members all over the world and be able to gain insight on how things are in their side of the planet. You also have the opportunity to connect outside of the group, both on and off-line!

Become a Community Mentor

Once you've graduated from either the "Beginner' or ''Advanced' program, you will receive a special invitation to become a mentor for that program. This is completely voluntary but means that you will continue to gain contacts as new members join each course !


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Job Seekers / Industry Leaders

"The main takeaway for me from this program has been the ability to contact Tonisha outside of the main WhatsApp group. Especially at times when I have questions specifically relating to issues I was experiencing on the platform. She is extremely informed and very helpful"
jermaine (London)
Business Development Specialist
"Due to my heavy workload, it took me a few weeks to really build the habit. I was glad to see that the program was something I could take at my own pace. Receiving the daily training (even though I wasn't implementing them straight away) and 1-2-1 chats really helped me once I got started."
Suki (New York)
African Development Researcher

Self Employed / Entrepreneurs

"I first came across the daily contact factory on LinkedIn through Tonisha. I was very apprehensive at first, however the positive results that have come out of my participation already are clear! I definitely recommend this to anyone who is stuck on how to get started with using LinkedIn"
Ade (dubai)
Luxury Real Estate & Services
"Overcoming my own personal obstacles and fears of the digital world was definitely the first hurdle. Tonisha's coaching method has enabled me to not only engage in with my customers online, but also enabled me to be able to tell the story behind my business to key stakeholders"
sha (nigeria)
Mining and Minerals

Frequently asked questions

Rules of Engagement

  • Share a maximum of ONE of your LinkedIn posts per day in the before 5pm into the daily Inbox
  • The content you share does not have to business related! 
  • You can post anything you want! 
  • Protect your reputation by posting good quality content and respect the members of the group when commenting on LinkedIn. 
  • Interact with other member’s posts in return between 6-9pm GMT
  • Admin will be the only people sending messages into the group outside of open chat hours
  • Restricted chat (Weekdays from 9-6pm GMT)
  • Open Chat (after 6pm GMT on Weekdays, and all day on weekends)

Absolutely not! All professional rules apply within the group and any misuse or abuse of the group will result in temporary loss of access or  complete removal – without a refund.

We try to keep groups to a maximum of 20 participants. On some rare occasions depending on the needs of the group we may allow a few extra people in.

In order to receive the £25 discount, we do recommend that you purchase post both programs at the same time.

However, this is only a financial decision. You are perfectly welcome to take it one step at a time and complete the ‘Beginner’ program. On completion, you can take some time out and return for the ‘Advance’ program when we we are running it next.

You can access one-to-one support by either messaging any of the trainers or community Mentors directly within WhatsApp or logging into your account and sending a message there. We do recommend WhatsApp as it’s the quickest and easiest method!

All the course information will be shared with members directly in the WhatsApp community. However, we know that WhatsApp can be temperamental and it may be difficult to store images and videos in your phone due to memory. For this reason, we also provide you with all the contents in a depository within your account. All you need to do is log in with the information that you used to sign up.

All programmes are managed through WhatsApp and the Platform of choice. Our programmes work best for members who already have platforms set up. If you would like assistance in setting up a platform, Contact Us

Sign up

Our courses: Linkedin, Instagram, WordPress and Youtube








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The Daily Content Factory is part of the Entrepreneur Toolbox. We provide entrepreneurs with useful tools to facilitate business growth.

Join our list to receive a weekly feed of news, data and analysis on everything you need to know in social media, digital and mobile including:

  • How to engage on each platform
  • Understanding your insights
  • Making meaningful connections
  • Updates of the algorithms

We also throw in some bonus content on how to:

  • Boost your traffic
  • Increase engagement
  • Increase shares
  • Increase sales
  • Increase credibility

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