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What Makes Us Different?

Our Members Are Global Professionals!

A community for forward thinkers!

We help you to understand the algorithm behind the platforms

Here is the thing about social media platforms: they are partly about being human, and partly about working with a machine. Together, we will work closely in unlocking your understanding of how to find balance in key areas such as:

  • How to post
  • When to post
  • How to use hashtags
  • How to use external links

However, using science alone isn’t enough. So we will also cover:

  • Commenting
  • Liking
  • Sharing other people’s content
  • The power of having a community

Join a network of professionals, job-seekers, industry leaders, freelancers & entrepreneurs!

Join a community of forward thinkers who are working tirelessly towards the same goals as you! Through our exclusive Whatsapp community, our members can communicate,  learn and grow together by:

  • Sharing tips and advice
  • Sharing experiences
  • Attending our events
  • Providing feedback on our service
  • And so much more!

The best way to learn is to teach! As a result, you also have the opportunity to become a Community Mentor upon graduation from any level of our courses! Yes, that means there will be an opportunity to learn from past members and support new starters on areas such as:

  • Techniques that work for specific niches
  • Being professional online while building credibility
  • Keeping up with posting
  • Making meaningful connections

Step by Step Success Plan & Content Calendar

As the saying goes: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! For this reason, we will set 3 objectives that you will track over the 4 week course.

The training team and Community Mentors will work with you in 1-2-1 coaching sessions to ensure you meet these objectives.

Here are some example objectives of current members:

  • “I would like to work on maximising returns from my time and effort spent on social media”
  • “I would like to develop confidence on camera”
  • “I need to refresh my online presence. It’s currently a space for family and friends but I need space for my professional relationships.”

We provide you with a ready-made social content calendar that you can use if you struggle to come up with ideas OR just want to post with the community! It’s also useful for:

  • Teaching you how to create your own calendar
  • Helping with discipline and future planning
  • Gathering ideas for your own content
  • Learning to manage your time
  • Gaining a clear overview of what you can achieve over a 4 week period

Get bonus tutorials on the apps that we LOVE!

There is a whole world of amazing software available out there and we have handpicked the most effective ones and built tutorials for using them to their maximum potential. Sourcing knowledge from The Ultimate Digital Fitness Trainer, we aim to help you better understand:

  • Analytics
  • Scheduling posts
  • Engaging with comments
  • Finding the apps for mobile


We also have tutorials for editing and creating:

  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Forms & surveys
  • Selling products & services

You won't get lost In the crowd! Just send a direct message whenever you have a question.

Amidst our growing network of global professionals, there’s always someone around to answer a question. Cast away all concerns about being ‘just another member’, for our 1-2-1 sessions will help you tackle any doubts or concerns while ironing out:

  • Technical issues
  • Experiences and goals
  • Failures and successes with the process

Most of the creative activity happens in our 1-2-1 sessions, but we also handle any troubleshooting with issues surrounding your:

  • Account
  • Security settings
  • Success Plan
  • Content Strategy
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